Agbarho 2 Polling Units

Agbarho 2 is an electoral ward located in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of about 30 polling units. 

The list of the polling units in Agbarho 2 ward of Delta state as compiled by Felix Omoko Blog – FOB.

Agbarho Grammar school is the collation centre of Agbarho 2 ward in Ughelli North LGA of Delta state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

11 Agbarho Ii – Agbarho Grammar School

1. Odjegba/Ehwerhere/Agbarho Model Primary School, Agbarho
2. Ughwrughelli/Agbarho Model Primary School, Agbarho
3. Ughwrughelli Ii/Agbarho Model Primary School, Agbarho
4. Onome/Okpalefe/Okpalefe St. Booth
5. Ophori Road/Grammar School/Agbarho Grammar School, Agbarho
6. Ogbe Ujevwe Quarters/Erhavwe Primary School, Ekrerhavwe I
7. Ogbe Ujevwe Quarters/Erhavwe Primary School, Ekrerhavwe Ii
8. Urhuvwuogba Street/Emekpe Primary School
9. Ekpoghwero/Ughrughelli Primary School, Ughrughelli
10. Uduvwurhobo St./Ehwerhe Primary School, Ehwerhe
11. Uduvwurhobo St./Ehwerhe Primary School
12. Ikweghwu Community Town Hall
13. Urhuvwe/Okan Quarters/Mowarin Primary School Ii
14. Mowarin Primary School Ii
15. Ekrerhavwe Primary School Ii
16. Ophori Town Hall, Ophori, Agbarho
17. Old Ughwru Community Town Hall
18. Ewhere Community Townhall
19. Okan/Ikweghu Community/Okan Market
20. Igbodudu Market
21. Open Space By Peace Child Junction, Ikweghwu
22. Unity Primary School Ii
23. Delta State Vocational Educational Centre
24. Onome/Okpalefe Street Ii Agbarho
25. Obobe Layout Nepa 1 & 2 Line Junction
26. Magistrates Court, Ughwrughelli-Agbarho
27. Delta State Housing Estate Open Space
28. Magistrates Court, Ughwr-Ughelli Agbarho Ii

PVC Code Sample: 00-11-22-33. 00 stands for state number, 11 for LGA, 22 for ward, 33 for polling units. States and LGAs in Nigeria are arranged alphabetically. While the wards and polling units as indicated serially.

Polling Units in Nigeia

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