Getting Set for 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election

2023 Presidential Candidates
With barely four days to the 2023 long awaited presidential election, what is ahead is a mirage of confusion and unfolding of ill-plotted strategies by politicians and their associates. FOB

Many are routing for tribalism and religiosity, others are praying for emergence of a true leader becoming the next president and high volume of people who are uneducated, do not know what is happening, except to follow voting instructions.

The presidential candidates are only concerned about winning the election, while their followers and associates are busy doing underground work with their resources.

Much has been sanked into the 2023 presidential election in the name of campaign, with the underlying target of accessing political power at all cost in the Aso villa, Abuja.

Only few are looking at the future of the country as a whole in terms of security, economy, education and social development.

Nigerians cannot afford to mix this golden opportunity of voting out evil and embrace true democracy that is anchored on social justice, regard for rule of law, economic stability and social advancement.

Let us wisely vote out the evil-minded presidential candidates; people who are not ready to do the needful if paradventure to power get to their hands. 

The like of Atiku, Obi, Tinubu and Kwankwaso are the top four presidential candidates out of the 18 according to INEC.

The next Nigeria's President is emerging from the above four candidates and we must pray God to guide us alright.

We must shun political violence, vote buying, intimidation, thuggery, if we're tired of the current challenging issues of currency swap, naira/ fuel scarcities and high-cost of goods and services.

Think properly, think true and vote credibly come 25 February, 2023.

Never and don't sell your vote. So help us God!