Ohafor Polling Units

Ohafor is an electoral ward located in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia state comprising of about 30 polling units.

Uma Ukpa Primary School is the collation centre of Ohafor ward in Ohafia LGA of Abia state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

8 Ohafor - Uma Ukpai Pry. Sch

  1. Atan Asaga - Atan Hall
  2. Uma Ukpai Pri. Sch. I - Sch. Premises Asaga
  3. Uma Ukpai Pri. Sch.Ii - Sch Premises Asaga
  4. Ndi Mba / Nkwoma - Ndi Nkwoma Compound Asaga
  5. Ndi Aji Compound - Ndi Aji Compound Square
  6. Ndi Agwu Olobu Compound - Ndi Agwu Compound
  7. Ndi Awam Ukwu - Ndi Awa Ukwu Hall
  8. Ohafor Ohafia
  9. Ndi Igbe Compound - Igbe Compound Hall
  10. Ndi Ufere Compound - Ndi Ufere Compound Hall
  11. Eziafor Comm. Sch - Omaghuzo Layout - Okogo Layout
  12. Ndi Ukpai Compound - Ndi Ukpai Compound Hall
  13. Amedo Comm. Sch. I - Amedo Comm Sch.
  14. Amedo Comm. Sch. Ii - Amedo Comm Sch.
  15. Amuke I - Ndi Odoara Comp.Hall
  16. Ndi Ukpai Ndukwe Compound - Ndi Ndukwe Compound Hall
  17. Ndi Ogbu I - Ndi Ogbu Comp. Hall
  18. Ndi Onu Compound - Ukpa Ndukwe Compound Hall
  19. Ogbokwe Pri. Sch. - Pri. Sch. Premises
  20. Otodo Prim. Sch. - Prim. Sch.Premises
  21. Amuke Ii - Amuke Town Hall
  22. Ugwuiyi Ebi - Ugwuiyi Ebi Square Asaga
  23. Ndi Mba Afia Afor Ii - Ndi Uma Odem Hall
  24. Ndi Ogbu Ii - Ndi Ogbu Comp. Hall
  25. Omaghuzor Health Center
  26. Asaga Civic Center
  27. Oruanta Sqaure
  28. Utebu Rd,Ude-Ogburi Gbo Asaga


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