Orogun 1 Polling Units

Orogun 1 is an electoral ward located in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of about 15 polling units.

Orogun Primary School is the collation centre of Orogun 1 ward in Ughelli North LGA of Delta state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

3 Orogun I - Orogun Pry. School

1. Uku/Okpara Emukpo St./Orogun Primary School, Orogun
2. Ikei & Ofo St./Orogun Primary School, Orogun
3. Ovie St./Orogun Primary School, Orogun
4. Ikorobie Street/Ikorobie Hall
5. Azuobi Street/Omoru Hall
6. Okumere/Obughe Townhall (Okumere/Obughe/Efe Primary School)
7. Orhonigbe Street/Itive Hall
8. Adejarho/Imodje/Itive Hall
9. Okpe Village/Okpe Hall
10. Okpara/Idjerhe Village/Idjerhe Hall
11. Erhieta Street/Erhieta Hall
12. Ossai Street/Ossai Hall
13. Odia/Uku Street/Orogun Primary School
14. Umuko/Ogwa Street/Ogwa/Umuko Hall
15. Orhokpokpo Hall, Orhokpokpo Village

Polling Units in Nigeia

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