Orogun 2 Polling Units

Orogun 2 is an electoral ward located in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of about 30 polling units.

Emonu Primary School Orogun is the collation centre of Orogun 2 ward in Ughelli North LGA of Delta state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

4 Orogun Ii - Emonu Pry School

  1. Umieghwa, Imodje/Ekure Primary School, Imodje
  2. Ikpede Community Hall, Imodge Orogun (Ekrudjezue/Idiovwa/Village/Erovie Quarters/Ekure Primary School, Imodje)
  3. Umiavwa Quarters/Erovie Street/Obodeti/Opia Primary School, Obedeti
  4. Umiavwa/Erovie Obodeti/Obodeti Community Town Hall, Obedeti
  5. Asaba/Okorobie/Ovie/Obuma Street/Eboh Primary School
  6. Primary Care Health Centre, Oboh Orogun (Ojeigu/Idise/Nichikri/Ovie/Obuma Street/Eboh Primary School, Eboh)
  7. Ghana/Oprima/Skei/Ikorobie Street/Eboh Grammar School, Eboh
  8. Ogbe-Ofu/Ikorobiest/Aragba Primary School, Aragba
  9. Aragba Primary Health Care Centre, Aragba-Orogun (Obarakpo/Mission St. Post Office Road Area/Farm End Umujiota &Unuole St., Aragba)
  10. Ofuoma/Ogbe/Ikie Centre/Aragba Postal Agency, Aragba
  11. Ogbe-Uku/Obiofu St./Aragba Grammar School, Aragba
  12. Aragba Multi-Purpose Town Hall, Aragba (Oralode/Ikorobie St.Aragba Grammar School, Aragba)
  13. Obiogo/Uduogbe/Ppgin/Emonu Grammar School, Emonu
  14. Anie/Ibio/Ossa/Ikorobie Street/Obiogo Hall, Emonu
  15. Ossai/Ikorobie Street/Open Space Between Ossai & Ikorobie Street, Emonu
  16. Okuezi/Enedue Quarters/Open Space Between Okuezi & Emonu Quarters, Emonu
  17. Mueta/Ozo/Umuabe/Orise Quarters/Ugono Primary School, Ugono
  18. Open Space By Transformer Ugono Main Square (Okanabo/Ekoku/Odekuo Street, Ugono)
  19. Ozuaka/Orhomuri/Orhomuru Community Hall, Orhomuru
  20. Umusu Quarters/Sanubi Village/Unukpo Ogwa Quarters/Sanubi Primary School, Sanubi
  21. Ovara-Unukpo Community Water Board, Orogun (Unukpo/Omo Primary School, Ovara)
  22. Omo Primary School, Ovara Umusu
  23. Erhobaro Hall, Erhobaro
  24. Onyobru Primary School, Onyobru
  25. Igbuku Community Town Hall
  26. Umuojita Quarter Aragba-Orogun
  27. Ozuaka Community Town Hall
  28. Ugono Market Ugono, Orogun
  29. Ugono Town Hall
  30. Sanubi Community Town Hall, Orogun
  31. Ovara-Unukpo Community Town Hall

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