Rigging the Presidential Election will Allegedly Leads to Nationwide Protest

There are cancellations and rewriting of election results at some various collation centres nationwide and INEC has refused to open the live result portal on inecelectionresults.ng which might lead to massive protest by the electorates.

Results are coming from polling units, but some states have refused to release their polling units result and if the 2023 Presidential Election result is being manipulated, ENDSARS Protest of 2020 will be a lesson to recall.

Let the vote of the people count, not what you stand to gain if you deliver your ward or state. Nigerians youth will not take it likely if INEC rigged the presidential election as being currently observed in some state.

The votes casted for each of the 18 presidential candidates should be released online from the over 175,000 polling units for Nigerians to see, yet some INEC officials refused to upload.

Even some of the uploaded results have been trashed in the gutter as witnessed in some state due to greed and party interest.

The 2023 Presidential election will be a lesson for Nigerians politicians, if they attempt to rigged the election in favour of self-acclaimed presidential candidate, against the wish of the electorates.

2023 Presidential Election

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