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Roland Idimi

Roland Idimi is a Nigerian Engineer and founder of Institute of Petroleum Craftsmanship (IPC), Sapele in Delta State of Nigeria.

Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) is the President/CEO and founder of SparesMart Ltd, Exerneum Resources Limited, MECTHROLEUM NIG LTD and the Institute of Petroleum Craftsmanship (IPC), Sapele. He hails from Ituru Community of Gte. 


Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) attended Agbassa Primary School, Warri, Delta State from 1985 – 1991 and did his secondary education in Hussey College, Warri, Delta State from 1991 – 1997. 

He has a B.Engr. (Hons.) degree in 2005 from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.

Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) started his early career as a craftsman. He had trainings and worked as a Diesel & Heavy Duty Mechanic and Welder/Fitter after graduating from Hussey College Warri in 1997. His early career as a craftsman provided him an insight into engineering which contributed to his excellence in his university engineering studies.

Institute of Petroleum Craftsmanship (IPC)

Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) founded the Institute of Petroleum Craftsmanship (IPC) in 2012 as a unique competency-based technical training institute to create an opportunity for him to transfer his wealth of technical knowledge, experience and skills to upcoming engineering craftsmen, technicians, technologist and engineers as to help build the skilled manpower required to develop the Nigerian industries.

Professionally, Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) is an international oil/gas, energy sources & natural resources exploration, development, production, refining and marketing expert with about fifteen years’ professional experience in oil and gas fields development projects. These include the Chevron Agbami FPSO Hook up and Commissioning Project, Pan Ocean Ovade Gas Plant EPIC Project, Chevron Subsea Pipeline & Riser Transportations Project, Escravos Gas Plant (Subsea Pipeline Installation Project) Phase 3A, Agbami Subsea Intervention, Sanha Lean Gas Connection Project, Angola; Addax Senje Berge FPSO Manifolds Installation Project, Total Girasol FPSO Topside Module Installation Project (Angola), Total Anguille Subsea Pipeline Installation Project (Gabon), Addax Okwori SURF Installation Project, Shell Bukom Subsea Project (Singapore), BP Subsea Chirag Project (Azerbaijan), ExxonMobil Erha North Subsea Development Project Phase 2, Total Egina Deep Water Field Development Project etc.

He has executed oil/gas production facilities & pipeline conceptual studies, FEED, DED, procurements construction & commissioning. I have prepared Offshore Installation Engineering for pipelines, SURF, rigid risers, subsea spools installations. 

Engineering Profile

He has also performed HAZID/Risk Assessment for different offshore and onshore projects and supervised/coordinated the execution of Offshore Pipeline Pre-lay/Post Lay Survey/Free Span Survey Operations, Pre-Engineering Dive Survey Operations, Subsea Tie-in (ROV Operations); Dredging of a Trench/Cofferdam, Pipeline Burial/De-burial, Mattress Installations, Subsea Pipelay Operations, Single Hybrid Riser Installation, Risers Installations, PLEM Installation, SUFR engineering   / manufacturing / Installations/Commissioning, Jumpers Built & Installation, SPM/CALM Buoy decommissioning / Installation / Refurbishment, Piles Design/Fabrication/Installation, Mooring Chains Installation, Midline Tie-in Operations, Davit Lifts, Heavy Lift, Tandem Lift, Beach Pull Operations, FPSO UFR Pull-in, Hooks-up, Pre-commissioning/De-commissioning of Subsea Pipelines, Subsea Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance (IRM) Works, SAT/Air Diving Operations, Subsea Diamond Wire Cutting Operations, Subsea Broco Cutting, Subsea Hydraulic Hole Drilling Operations, Subsea ACFM/NDT Inspection, Vessel Anchor Handling Operations etc. 

With a record of more than fifteen world class projects executed, Roland E. IDIMI (Ubiomor) has worked/PTW in UK, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Dubai Angola and Nigeria  on-board more than seven (7) DP3 Class Derrick Pipelay Barges (DLB), two (2) DP2 Reel Installation Vessels, four (4) Anchor Mooring Derrick-lay Barges, two (2) FPSOs, three (3) Dive Support Vessels (DSVs, 3 DP2 ROV Subsea Intervention Vessels, and three Pre-lay/Post Lay Survey Vessels and also have interfaced with various marine, Subsea, offshore, onshore construction and Fabrication spreads and also directed different successful projects.

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