What Tinubu will Do After Inauguration - May 29


Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria President-Elect will be inaugurated on 29 May setting the pace for a new brand Nigeria as the 16th President of the country.

Tinubu, 71 a former senator and governor, has the capacity to manage the Nation's resources judiciously if given the privilege, and atmosphere free of turmoil and insecurity.

There is going to be changes the moment Tinubu step into power, but we can't ascertain the kind of changes; it may be positive or negative.

Nigerians should wait and see if he'll bring about the expected changes in area of security, economy and youth development.

Based on past records, the President-Elect is a core politician who is determined to bring about a legacy for all to enjoy.

Tinubu promises to develop the various sectors of the economy if given power; and now is the power. Let give him helping hands in prayers and support for a better Nigeria.

The big question is? Can Tinubu reduce the cost of goods in the market in comparison to 2015 when the prices of goods where very low.

May 29 will set the ball rolling for another 4 years of planning and implementation of plans.

Truly, changes are coming and Nigerians are waiting!

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