Bola Tinubu and Fuel Subsidy Removal Era

Bola Tinubu and Shettima

Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his team are brainstorming on workable options that will create a concrete formula for economic growth aftermath of fuel subsidy removal.

President Tinubu has a firm plan in place on security, economy, education, health, energy and other key sectors, for a better Nigeria despite the huge liabilities he inherited from the past administration.

The President is standing firm on fuel subsidy removal as part of his core agenda into the presidency and he has a lot of hurdles to tackle for a smooth economy growth politics and implementation.

Tinubu one week in the presidency has witnessed a volume of skyrocketed market price of goods on the total removal of the fuel subsidy, but little did he knows that he don’t have full control over the market except the marketers in the business.

At the wake of his tenure was the incremental rate in the pump price of petroleum product and Nigerians largely depends on fuel for survival, few have access to alternative power source like Solar.

President Tinubu has summoned his economic team comprising of the 36 states governors and other government functionaries at the Council chamber, on workable modalities to curb emerging economic crises and insecurity.

We cannot access the extend of the current leadership with the fuel subsidy removal, but possesses concerns to citizens.

It is hopeful that the APC leadership in Nigeria under President Tinubu will not plug the Nigeria into another economic crises as fetch during President Buhari’s eight administration.

Mr. President, Nigerians does not have all the patience required in coping with the rate at which the economy is crawling; in term of buying fuel at over N500 per litre and N600 in some states, causing inflation.

Our people only see things as they were, because they are not in position to dictate for the government of our days. Taking alternative options against the government will cause mayhem and economic disruption.

Let watch and see what the government have for the people for a better, peaceful and religious-free society.

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