El-Rufai is a Religious Bigot & Islamic Fanatic - Malcolm

Nasir El Rufai

Malcolm Omirhobo has described the immediate past governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El Rufai as an Islamic fanatic, a religious bigot, a Jihadist and terrorist over his recent statement on Muslim muslim ticket.

Malcolm made the statement via his Twitter handle @MalcolmInfiniti and it reads;

El RUFAI recent public address on Muslim Muslim ticket and Muslim dominance in Nigeria shows that he is a  religious bigot, an Islamic fanatic, a Jihadist and terrorist. All his education did not help improve his person.He is a primitive man and an hypocrite not to be trusted .

Though, the duo are speaking out of their own minds and ideology, and may not be a true reflection of the current happenings in Nigeria politics. Nigeria needs true leaders that will promote peace and unity, and revamp the economy and infrastructural development. 

Individualism is a big problem facing Nigeria politics today and cause of under-development across the six-geopolitical zones in the country.