Nigerian Muslim-Muslim and Christian-Muslim APC Agenda


Nigerians are on the opinion that the system is not balanced if the President, the Vice President, the Speaker and the CJN are Muslims and the Senate President is a Christian as being canvassed by VP Shettima.

Vice President Kashim Shettima is anchoring on the Senate President must be a Christian to balance political equation in the country, whereas the Speaker will also be a Muslim.

The ruling All Progressive Congress, APC under President Bola Tinubu is trying hard to figure out a Christian occupying at a least one major slot in a bid to justify the muslim-muslim ticket religious differences.

According to many Nigerians scholars, the equation is not balanced. It is more thoughtful if the Senate President and the Speaker are of the same faith like the President and the Vice President.

Senator Shehu Sani was quoted in this context and his statement reads;

I watched the video clip where the VP Shetima spoke about the comparative suitability and competence of a Northern Muslim and Southern Christian.

My understanding is that he spoke within the context of their effort to balance the religious scale with regards to who becomes the Senate President. He is evidently making a case for a Christian Senate President in view of the lopsided religious configuration.

With a Muslim President and Vp and a Muslim Speaker and CJN,the ruling party’s only opportunity to score a balance is the Senate Presidency.If they lost this,definitely the accusation against them will be a proven case.

The inauguration of the 10th National Assembly on June 13 will see the outcome of the religious differences and how best the APC leadership will justify their agenda as being widely published on social media.

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