Senator Sani Blasts Nasir El-Rufai, See Details

Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani and former Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state has taken their religious differences to social media.

Shehu Sani has given an insight on how the former governor, El-Rufai displayed a high level of religious bigotry to his people while serving as a governor for a period of eight years, where also high profile religious leaders were killed by terrorists with any trace of concern as a governor of a state.

Sani Twitter post on this issue reads in part;

Imagine a Governor of a State for eight years and these High profile Clerics were murdered by terrorists in his state,and he never for once bothered to visit their families for condolence Or even speak personally on the tragedies.If I don’t find a word bigger than a ‘bigot’,I’ll coin it.

Senator Sani provocations was as a result of the religious dominance statement uttered by the former governor, El-Rufai and he equally described him as a poisonous knife President Tinubu just escaped.

It was allegedly reported that President Tinubu might picked El-Rufai as his Chief of Staff before the presidential inauguration and his choices were not aligned as expected.

Nigeria politics and economic growth might be stunted, if the religious differences  and tribalism s biting more than expected.


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