'Better an Honest Poor than a Rich Thief Politician', Pat Utoma Blasts Akpabio

Pat Utomo

Prof. Pat Utomi has berated the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio over the senate's gesture in mocking the poor slogan, 'let the poor breathe', that goes viral on social media.

He is an erudite professor and former SA to former President.

Let the poor breathe was only attributed to President Tinubu statement of granting the poor in Nigeria, an opportunity to live well and in a peaceful state.

But Nigerians were shocked over the way the Senate plenary session, put the slogan, let the poor breathe, and thereafter the 'I' have it.

Pat Utomi said, he was traumatized by the way the Nigerian Senate raises a matter concerning the poor, that mocking the poor is like mocking God. 

Utomi also took time to narrate how God picked Godswill Akpabio through the good man of Obong Victor Attah, and God has blessed him so much that he has gotten where he came from.

Better an honest poor than a rich thief politician, he said in a tweet through its social media handle.

Pat statement reads in part:

I am traumatized by this mocking of the poor by our Senate. In a decent society we should have had resignations by now. To mock the poor is to mock God. I know where Godswill Akpabio was before Obong Victor Attah gave a hand. Better an honest poor than a rich thief politician.

May God hear the prayers of the poor in Nigeria!

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