Chef Adeyeye Blessing Set to Break World Record of Hilda Baci as she Begins 150 Hours Cook-A-Thon

Chef Blessing

Nigerian Chef, Adeyeye Blessing who hailed from Ondo state set to break Hilda Baci world record as she begins 150 Hours of Cook-A-Thon marathon.

Chef Blessing, 26 has began a 150 hours of marathon Cook-A-Thon world record after Hilda Baci breaks the record in June 2023.

Chef Blessing is set to break another Cook-A-Thon world record after completion according to the marathon Cook-A-Thonrules.

The statement reads;

Another chef in Ondo Adeyeye Blessing begins 150 hours Cook-A-Thon. Set to break the world record of Chef Hilda Baci who holds the longest marathon for 93hrs 11mins.