Court Sentenced Prophet Segun and Owolabi to Death by Hanging

Segun, Awolobi and Favour Sentences

Owolabi Adeeko and Favour Oladele were both LASU students and lovers. On Dec 8, 2019, Owolabi lured Favour to come and visit him in Ikire from Lagos and favour agreed not knowing that Owolabi, his mother and one Prophet Segun had planned to use her for money ritual.

When she got to Ikire, Owolabi told her they should go visit his uncle in the church. When they got to the church, Owolabi struck her on the head with a pestle. 

The prophet brought out her heart and made it into a concoction for Owolabi and his mum to eat. After they both ate, her remains were buried in a shallow grave outside the church.

The prophet in this shocking and sad story is a pastor of Celestial church in Lagos, Nigeria.

After a while, they were arrested and both mother and son confessed to the crime, leading to the exhumation of Favour's body by the police a few weeks later. 

Today, July 17, 2023, Owolabi and Prophet Segun were sentenced to death by hanging by a State High Court sitting in Ikire, Osun State while Owolabi’s mum, Bola Adeeko was sentenced to two years imprisonment for the consumption of human flesh.

End Time
Let be mindful of ungodly friendship because the heart of man is desperately wicked. Even a so called pastor is hunting for human blood for the sake of money.

Truely, we're in a world wicked!