Ebere Goes Blind While Attempting to Break Guinness World Record

Ebere Cry A Thon

A Nigerian man has reportedly goes blind while attempting to break Guinness World Record on non-stop crying episode, few weeks after another one collapsed on marathon massaging.

A Nigerian man hasTembu Ebere, has allegedly gone blind while attempting to break a Guinness World Record for crying for seven days, non-stop. 

In an interview with BBC on Sunday, Ebere revealed that he went partially blind for 45 minutes while attempting the challenge.

Everyone explained that he experienced serious health issues, including headaches, a swollen face, and puffy eyes with the ultimate being blindness in his attempt to become yet another Nigerian, after Hilda Baci, to be celebrated for their Guinness World Record Feat. 

"I had to re-strategise and reduce my wailing," he said, disclosing that he plans to see his goal through, even though he is yet to apply to GWR.

It seems many Nigerians have switch their attention on breaking Guinness World Record and few are getting certified in the process, but many are getting it wrong.

Also, Zara is attempting for 200 hours sex-a-thon, that is, men will be having s@x with her continuously for 200 hours, to set a new world record in the Guinness World Record (GWR).