Factors Promoting Collapse of Democracy in Africa – Sani

Shehu Sani

In defence of a stronger democracy in Africa, former Nigerian lawmaker, Shehu Sani has opined five major factors contributing to the decaying nature of democratic rule in the continent.

Senator Sani has analysed the five factors, which are the result of why democracy in the Africa continent is not growing stronger, instead failing day-by-day.

Shehu Sani said, strangulation of democracy, economic / security challenges, over bearing influence of Russia and chinese and inability to implement sanctions on coupists are the tiny lines, causing major pitfalls in the African continent.

His posts @ShehuSani reads in part:

I think there are FIVE factors that are responsible for the collapse of democratic Governments in west Africa and now giving rise to military coups. 

1. Strangulation of Democracy by the political class and shrinking civil space. 

2. Economic challenges that leads to widespread poverty and hunger. 

3. Security challenges;the spread of terror groups and over reliance on the military.  

4. Expanding presence of Russian and Chinese influence in the economic, security and political sphere.

5. Failure of sanctions to have any meaningful impact on coupists.

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