FFK Tackles Gov Adeleke and Otti on 'Wonders Never Cease'

FKK, Adeleke and Otti

Femi Fani Kayode, FFK tackles opposition governors, Adeleke and Otti on their lack of common sense and disregard to the constitution of the country in what he titled, wonders never cease.

The former minister outburst was born out of Governor Alex Otti of Abia state refusal to recognise President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as his President; and the power show Governor Adeleke of Osun state displayed at place of worship in Osogbo.

FFK, who was a former minister of aviation released the statement through his official Twitter handle.

The statement reads

Firstly the Atikulator Governor of Osun state and his unruly and violent thugs try to do a power show in a place of worship in Osogbo and attempt to shove a leading member of the APC and former Senator out of his seat.

Secondly the Obidient Governor of Abia state refuses to put the President's official portrait on his office wall or in his official residence claiming that Tinubu is not his President.

These are the sort of things that happen when inexperienced neophytes and flippant souls are put in positions of power.

The opposition in Nigeria, whether Atikulator or Obidient, are not only petty, pitiful,  power-crazed, abusive and indisciplined but they also suffer from a low intelligence quotient.

They lack respect for constituted authority, the Nigerian constitution and Almighty God.

No wonder we thrashed them in the presidential election. Both God and common sense left them long ago.