Jamb CBT Centre Requirements for New Centres


JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) centre requirements for organisations planning to set up ICT centre in Nigeria for online examinations.

JAMB requires organisations to acquire laptops, server, CCTV camera, cubicle, staff strength and other recommendations for a standardized ICT centre in Nigeria.

Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre Requirements

1. Functional Laptops
250 functional laptops with 10% (i.e., 25) backups with the following minimum specifications:
  • Intel Based processor: Dual core Celeron/Pentium
  • Ram: 4GB Ram
  • HD: SSD Preferred, 32GB minimum
  • 14” Screen size
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 10/100MB RJ45 Network Port
2. Wooden Cubicle
Provision of individual cubicle with minimum length of 26 inches, breadth of 18 inches and height of 18 inches and appropriate seat for each system.

Height 18’
Breadth 18’
Length 26’

3. Robust Server
The laptops systems must be connected to a robust computer server with a capacity to carry 250 systems concurrently.

4. LAN Connection
All the computer systems must be linked together on Cable Local Area Network topology (LAN). (Wireless Computer connection is not allowed).

5. Switches
Switches must be on uninterrupted power source throughout the exam

6. Staff
Adequate security and minimum of five (5) technical personnel and one network engineer

7. Power
Availability of back-up power supply (power generating set of minimum 40kva for a centre with 250 systems; 60kva for 350 systems and 100kva for above 350 systems) and 
UPS/inverters that can carry all systems for a minimum of two (2) hours.

8. Fence
The centre must be adequately fenced.

9. Facilities
Provision must be made for a holding room or reception facility e.g. canopy with chairs, etc.
The centre must not be in shared premises such as cinema hall, shopping mall or market. Shared offices, residential home e.t.c.

Availability of adequate and functional air-conditioners and lighting.

10. System Protection
Provision of up-to-date Antivirus and all the systems must be virus free.

11. Windows OS
Minimum of Windows 7 or higher version of windows operating system.

12. CCTV Types and Specififcations
IP Camera (CCTV) is compulsory for all CBT centers. See recommended specifications below:

AHD Camera Hikvision 1080 5MP
32 channel DVR machine

IP camera Hikvision 1080 2MP/4MP wide range
32 channel NVR machine

Picture of a typical CBT centre prototype