'Nigeria is Finished' Says Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

Human right activist, Reno Omokri has described the increcement in Nigerian tertiary institution and the frivolous spendings by Nigerians are the aftermath of the happenings in the country.

Reno has given an in depth analysis of the kind of spending going on in hotels and club locations in Nigeria; and the way some of the same people are complaining with the current increment in goods and services, are pure indications that 'Nigeria is finished'.

The post reads in part

Nigerians are complaining about the increase in Unilag's tuition fees from ₦19,000 to ₦190,250. Many of those people complaining use phones that cost more than ₦190,250. How much is an iPhone 14? About ₦1.2 million. How much is a Samsung Galaxy? About ₦300,000. How can an iPhone and a Samsung cost more than your tuition, and you are complaining?

Where will the money to pay lecturers come from? In that same Unilag, many students drive more luxurious cars and use better phones than their lecturers. Am I lying?

In Nigeria, we are just too used to freebies and cheap things from our government. We have one of the lowest tuition fees on planet Earth, if not the lowest, yet, our doctors and nurses are some of the most sought after on Earth.

We can celebrate our birthdays with ₦250,000. We can flex at Obi Cubana's club with ₦500,000 (you want to pretend that you don't see the receipts flaunted on social media?) Yet, ₦190,250 tuition for one of the best public universities in Nigeria means 'Nigeria is finished!'

At least there is a student loan provision being made for those who can't afford the tuition.
If you think university tuition is too costly in Nigeria, simply go to neighbouring Benin Republic, or Ghana. Nobody will tell you before you run back to Nigeria!


  1. This man is such a brainless and confused man


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