Nigerians are Suffering - Daniel Bwala


Nigerians react to legal icon, Daniel Bwala statements on social media that most Nigerians are suffering, everything is on the increase, yet we have abundant natural and human resources.

Bwala made this statement while speaking on the nation's current economic situation and it readss;

Nigerians are suffering; men, this is too much. High cost of everything;  food items, transportation, goods and services, medicals, school fees. No day i get less than 30 calls, people are asking for just these simple things to survive in a nation endowed with every riches in natural and Human Resources. God help us.


Tweeps by Nigerians on the current leadership and economic situation clearly show that many Nigerians have different perspective on what is happening in the country.

Hon. Rilwan: Sadly, they claimed that have saved 40B from subsidy , while they ignored the fact that millions of Nigerians are suffering while they are saving money , millions of businesses are crashing while they are saving money . The subsidy payment for the month of June as announced under buhari is missing . Nigeria is a crime scene under apc govt.

Darlington: It is important to note we are suffering for good.
The heavy lift of dismantling the 2 major areas of monumental fraud/corruption - PETROLEUM SUBSIDY and MULTIPLE DOLLAR EXCHANGE RATE REGIME in our land point to the fact that a government with a plan to do things right is here.
Soon, the benefits of these changes would gladden our hearts

Sometimes, I wonder if some die-hard APC supporters do also suffer from the current hardship in Nigeria. Taking out subsidies is a good thing, but how prepared are the common citizens for these negative adjustments?

We are hopeful that things will get better one day in Nigeria!