Oby Ezekwesili Tackles DSS, for its Nonsense, Shameful Exhibition of Disregard to Rule of Law

DSS and Prison

Nigerian former Education Minister, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili has called on the Department of State Service, DSS to retrace its steps from the show of shame and to diligently comply with the rule of law in the country.

Oby was shocked over the mere charges label against Emefiele over the tremendous hardship caused to all citizens early this year and the public display of disregard to the rule of law in handling this issue.

Her tweets will show that Nigeria is actualling heading to nowhere, if President Tinubu does not call DSS to order and stop embarrassing highly placed security agency in Nigeria.

See series of tweets by Dr. Oby Ozekwesili, condemning the shameful of irresponsibility at the Court premises

Kai! What a shame, @OfficialDSSNG! A predatory political class will always ruin everything they touch- whether citizens, public treasury, processes, institutions, media etc. 

Just see what has become of our country’s State Security establishment.🤦🏾‍♀️

The only effective Check on the ruinous ways of the politicians and the Public Agencies they have privatized unto themselves is Collective Citizens Action. All reasonable Citizens must keep them accountable. 

It will do you good, Mr DG of DSS to retrace your steps from this show of shame and diligently comply with the rule of law in the conduct your activities. 


The DG of @OfficialDSSNG  who without decorum publicly advertises that he is a close friend of  @officialABAT, obviously thinks the average IQ of sensible Nigerians is as low as that of the politicians he has reduced that Agency of @NigeriaGov  to serve. 

Stop embarrassing yourselves and tell us the truth of the Emefiele matter jooo.

Be guided. ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

@OfficialDSSNG must immediately apologize to Nigerians for daring to take citizens for a ride on this Emefiele’s court case. 

So after all the monetary policy damage his boss  @MBuhari  and the former @cenbank  committed against the Nigerian economy and people, it is for “illegal possession of firearms” that State Security charged him to court?

Nonsense. ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾