Overview of Census Activities Work Plan


Census officials activities work plan for optimum result ahead of the 2023 Population and Housing Census (phc). The work plan is a schedule of activities for the entire census period.

Officials are to follow the activity work plan to achieve the best result in the upcoming census in Nigeria and as obtainable in any national census around the global according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

  1. National Level Training (Self Learning/Virtual)
  2. National Level Training (Virtual M & E)
  3. National Level Training
  4. Zonal Level Training (Self Learning/Virtual)
  5. Zonal Level Training (Virtual M & E)
  6. Zonal Level Training
  7. State Level Training (Self Learning)
  8. State Level Training (Specialised Workforce - Self Learning)
  9. State Level Training (Specialised Workforce - Virtual)
  10. Orientation of State Training and Field Coordinators
  11. State Level Training (Specialised Workforce - Contact)
  12. State Level Training (Training of Trainers- Contact)
  13. Recruitment of Enumerators and supervisors
  14. Self Learning for Enumerators and Supervisors
  15. LGA Level Training (On Building Numbering and Household Listing)
  16. LGA Level Training (M & E)
  17. Profiling of Enumerators and Supervisors for the Main Census
  18. Building Numbering and Household Listing
  19. Monitoring and Evaluation of Census Household Listing and
  20. Building Numbering and Household Listing Data Validation Period
  21. Post-Field Validation Check
  22. Post - Field Validation Check by Data Quality Assistants
  23. Census Break
  24. Self-Review of Census Training Materials by LGA Facilitators
  25. Refresher (Contact) Training for LGA Facilitators
  26. LGA Level Training (On Persons Enumeration)
  27. LGA Level Training (Persons Enumeration (M & E)
  28. Census Night
  29. Person's ENumerations
  30. Enumeration Mop up (Where applicable).

Census officials will fix the appropriate start and end date for each activity, including duration and status.