The Perspective of Issues from the North and West in Nigeria - Sani


Senator Shenu Sani speaks on the wrong perspective Nigerians are currenting trending and the side effects.

Most critical issues from the Northern part of Nigeria are always given less attention, while normal issues from the west are given most critical attention.

Read what Mr. Sani has to say about Mmesoma's forgery issue,

The Girl forged UTME result.The commentaries for and against her are more of the fall out of the 2023 election than just forgery. For most people talking,their tongues are about the forgery but their hearts are politics.

The Girl committed an offence at a time when people are looking for a reason to keep the flames of verbal war alight.The Girl flew a helicopter in between the Border of Ukraine and Russia.

If the Girl is from Plateau or Niger,it wouldn’t have been as hot as this.

A woman from Bauchi allegedly stabbed her husband to http://death.No one seems interested.If the woman is from the west and the husband is from the east or vice versa,the internet would have been on fire by now. 

Most Nigerians are now wearing ethno religious and political Sunglasses;everything is viewed from the perspective of that lenses.We are likely going to live like this for a very long time.