Tinubu Disburses N500bn Palliative to Vulnerable Nigerians

The Tinubu-led government has rolled out an action palliative plan of paying N8,000 to 12 million households in Nigeria as approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The President had earlier requested the approval of the House of Representatives to approve the sum of N500 billion as palliative to support poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

The disbursement oft he N500 billion palliative to vulnerable Nigerians will require each family or household in Nigeria to have at least one active banking account.

The disbursement will be made on conditional transfer to existing accounts and household without a bank account may not benefit from the palliative support initiative of the Tinubu-APC led administration.

However, concerned Nigerians are asking the government the credibility of the disbursement process and who are the poor and vulnerable Nigerians that will benefit from the palliative.

Moreover, what can N8,000 do for a whole family in a month as a support from the government to poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

As a beneficiary, get your account details updated and get ready for monthly payment of N8,000. Only the poor and needy may enjoy this palliative as packaged by the federal government palliative disbursement committee in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria.