Zara Set to Break 200-hour Guinness World Records S@x Marathon Contest


Zanny Zara has announced her intention to break the Guinness World Records on 200 hours S@x Marathon.

Zara said she wants to break Guinness World Records for the longest sex marathon for  200-hour, that is a period of 8 days, 8 hours.

Zara is a Cameroonian lady with the intention to set a Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest sex marathon in the world.

Zara announced this in a recent Facebook post, to have continuous sexual intercourse for 200 hours to have a world records.

To accomplish the feat, the lady also said she is seeking the participation of capable individuals who are willing to join her in this endeavor.

She said the Guinness World Record is “aware of my proposed attempt”, adding that it will begin on July 17 and end on July 25.

The post reads

“Ladies and Gentlemen after due confirmation from the Guinness Books of Records I have decided to break a record of the Longest Sex Hour (Sex_Thon), we have been dox great planification for a while now n today we decided to send out the official flyer,” she wrote.

“Planet Cameroon it is time for you to support your own so we can bring this book to our country make Nigeria no help us tearam Thanks to my defense team Bella Powers of Bella Powers Voice.

“All we need now are guys that will Volunteer theirselves for this project to be carried out Your girl is Loyal.”

It remains to be seen if the attempt is genuine.

Zara’s announcement also comes at about the same time when GWR issued a short statement to people attempting to break world records.


It seems more Africans, especially Nigerians are on the verge of breaking so many work records on GWR in the field of romance, food, lecturing, therapy and the like.

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