Paul Biya Reign may end like Gabon’s Ousted President, Ali Bong

Paul Biya

Paul Biya is the oldest and longest serving president in the world since 1982 and the citizens are yet to embrace coup d’etat trend as Africa countries clamour for military rule.

Biya reigns as Cameroonian president since 1982 may end like Ali Bong, Gabon ousted president, who has been sent out of office by the country’s military generals in a live TV on 30th August, 2023.

Biya is 90 years-old.

Biya has served as Prime Minister between 1975 and 1982, before ascending the throne as President. He has been in office reigning for the past four decades as Cameroonian President.

Most countries in the Africa continent are weeping for civilian rule as the aftermath current economic and insecurity issues in the continent.

There is a current trend of military coup that is cutting edges as an alternative way of removing current public office holders in the continent.

There is an incremental rise of economic downturn and insecurity challenges that seemly uncontrollable by our civilian leader, but with a high rate of wealth emancipation to those in position. 

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