Report Says Bromell Tinubu Attended Chigaco State University

Bromell Tinubu and Bola Tinubu

Dr Gloria Bromell Tinubu is an American economist, educator, politician, who married a  Nigerian-born US citizen, Soji Tinubu in 1976.

How related is Gloria Bromell Tinubu with Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Tinubu who attended Chigaco state university?

Gloria Tinubu got married to a Nigerian born US citizen, Soji Tinubu. 

Gloria academic profile will tell the true as most Nigerians are arguing the authentic of the Chigaco State University degree result awarded to Bola Tinubu.

Profile of Gloria Bromell Tinubu

Gloria Bromell Tinubu was February 22, 1953 in South Carolina. She is the seventh of eight children born to Beatrice and Charlie Bromell.

Gloria Bromell attended the following schools at both primary, post primary, higher degree and doctorate:
  • Choppee High School in 1971
  • University of South Carolina, Columbia
  • Howard University – Fine ArtS
  • Clemson University – MS in Agricultural Economics 1977
  • Clemson University – Ph.D in Applied Economics 1986

Business Portfolios

Gloria was the founder and CEO of Atlanta Cooperative Development Corporation in 2001, with focus in community economic development corporation for the development of cooperative entities such as credit unions, cooperative housing and businesses. 

In July 2004, she became the president of Barber–Scotia College, a historically black college in North Carolina.

Political Profile
  • In 1993, she elected into a four-year term on the Atlanta City Council representing Council District 12. 
  • In 2000, appointed to the Georgia Board of Education by Governor Roy Barnes.
  • Democrat to the Georgia General Assembly (HD-60 Georgia General Assembly)
  • In 2021, she co-authored The Georgia Way: How to Win Elections with Ray McClendon, Steven Rosenfeld, and Mike Hersh
  • In 2018, Tinubu was selected by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble to be his Lt. Governor running mate. James Smith ultimately won the Democratic Nomination.
  • In May of 2019, Tinubu announced a run for United States Senate, challenging Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham.

Gloria got married to Soji Tinubu, a Nigerian-born U.S. citizen who has a master’s degree in civil engineering from Clemson University. They have four children and six grandchildren.


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