Tinubu’s Chigaco State University Degree Result

Tinubu degree result

This is a copy of President Bola Tinubu’s statement of result in accounting from Chigaco State University awarded on 22 June, 1979.

Tinubu’s degree result is one of the charges before the Presidential Election Tribunal, yet to be decided after the February 25 Presidential Election in Nigeria.

The result was posted online by Reno Omokri on his official X platform @renoomokri, he also challenge anyone with doubt to visit university like he did.

Reno Omokri Claims

Reno Omokri

This is the document Chicago State University sent me after visiting them in person to investigate whether or not Bola Tinubu attended their institution. Anyone who doubts its authenticity can phone or email them on the phone numbers and email addresses provided. Now that Chicago State University have also deposed to an affidavit in court stating that Bola Tinubu did, in fact, attend and graduate from Chicago State University, can Mr Rufai Oseni and AriseTV now publish the so-called subpoena of which Mr Rufai Oseni claimed on AriseTV on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, that Chicago State University denied Tinubu’s records? Because you cannot be broadcasting LIES to the public and calling it news! 

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