Demand for Academic Excellence as a Student Christian Leader

Teacher Chike

Christian student leaders must take academic excellence as a responsible alongside their campus fellowship activities to avoid frustration as they graduate from university.

Teacher Chike, an educational influencer gives an insight on what most student christian leaders regard academic excellence at the expense of their undergraduate activities. Most campus christian leaders in today’s universities do not read as much due to over crowded fellowship activities placing them behind at the end of their graduation year.

See what happens to one of Nigerian Christian Student Leader during his university day;

I did not graduate with a first-class and I did not graduate with a 2.1 either. I drew with Uniben 2.2 not because I wasn’t intelligent but because I didn’t take my academics seriously.

I remember preaching to my course mates in 100 Level (LT 1, Faculty of Agric) and telling them that we came to school to serve God and academics was secondary. Looking back now, I feel that I lied to myself and to them because that statement was not balanced. You came to school to study the course you were admitted to study. While in school, you’re to serve God as if there’s no book to read, and read as if there’s no God.

My life was centred around fellowship, hostels, and class. I was privileged to serve as my fellowship’s education coordinator and organising and publicity secretary, and in my final year, I was the vice president (administration) of my fellowship.

Being a fellowship Pastor came with a lot of demands because it was not just about you again but about God’s people. If I had another opportunity, I would serve God more than I did, and I’d place a lot of value on my academics.

As campus Christians, you need to pay attention to your studies because that is another tool for evangelism. Imagine your classmates coming to you for tutorials. You can preach Christ to them easily, and some will choose to serve God because they want to be like you. I understand that everyone must not come first in class, but please try not to fail.

It is frustrating to see job opportunities and scholarship opportunities pass you by after you graduate just because you didn’t make it to 2.1. It will take a lot of prayers to find favour when you’re not qualified for something. That’s why I always say that doing the right thing will save you from unnecessary prayer points. Why pray for God to make your lecturer overlook your mistakes in an exam when you could have read properly? The prayer some Christians pray after an exam amuses both God and the devil and this is because they did not prepare well.

Awake, Oh thou that sleepest. The economy of this nation awaits your manifestation.

Credit: @TeacherChike1 | X

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