How to Make N500,000 monthly in Otto? Register and Recharge


Join Otto online shopping mall today, recharge and change your financial level enjoying passive income. Invitation code: NMCPVVS9T

Otto is the first trusted online business platform in Nigeria where members earn 5% of their investment daily.

How to Register
  1. Open the link https://.com/#/user/login/register?
  2. Fill the registration form, which consist of mobile number, invitation code, verification code and create password
  3. Submit
Major Steps in Otto Partner
  • After registration, download the mobile App:
  • Login and navigate through the Home, Merchandise and Personal tabs
  • The Home Tab consists of
    • Recharge
    • Withdraw
    • Bankcard
  • Merchandise Tab
    • It consists of available products you can buy with their duration, daily earning and total income
  • Personal Tab consists of
    • Balance and Today Income
    • Financial records of your current status
    • Funding details
    • My Merchandise
    • Invitation Link
    • Contact manager

  • Use the Recharge link to fund your account using Bank mobile app. No USSD
  • Use the Merchandise to activate the purchase package
  • Use the Receive to claim your daily income
  • Use the bank card to setup your bank account details
  • Use the withdraw tab to withdraw available balance in your wallet.
  • Use the Contact manager to reach the Admin Officer
  • Use the Invitation link to invite friends and earn team income
Three Ways to Make Money in Otto
In order to record N500,000 in your total income within a  month. 
Take Otto business serious and attract people to join the platform and start earning.
  1. Fixed Income based on your investment
  2. Team income based on you the team you’re building in Otto
  3. Referral Bonus based on each person that register and buy a product using your invitation code.
In order to make N500,000 monthly in Otto, start using the inviting people to Otto and start earning every blessed day.

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