Otto: How to Recharge and Activate Products

Otto Recharge

Otto recharge is used for funding your account for product activation to start earning your daily income, referral bonus and team income. In Otto you can recharge, earn and withdrawal effortlessly.

Kindly follow the procedures below and fund your wallet using mobile app, USSD code payment is not allowed to enable your generate payment receipt incase, it is needed.

For new members, use this link to sign up before recharging or funding your account: 

Otto: How to Recharge and Activate Products

Check Merchandise
Use the merchandise tab to see available products and their prices, daily income, duration and total earning.

Take note of the cost of the product amount and recharge your account.

Recharge and Activate Products

  1. Login to Otto App
  2. Click on Recharge
  3. Select Channel 23 and confirm
  4. Input recharge amount and click recharge
  5. Click copy and Open link
  6. Copy out step 1 and follow step 2 and 3 (payee name and account number)
    • a. Name of bank
    • b. Account name
    • c. Account Number
    • d. Narration or 
    • e. input account number
  7. Step 3: Input Sender or payee full name
  8. Submit

Otto Recharge

7. Open any mobile app in your phone. Don’t use USSD for payment.
8. Pay the account copied out in (6) above
9. After payment, open the Otto App
10. Check your balance under personal tab, if the recharge amount is reflecting
11. Open Merchandise tab and click on the product you paid
12. Select agree to complete the activation process.

Otto Recharge

Multiple products can be activated at the same time to advance your earning rate.

How to Receive Daily Income

Every Otto member must receive their daily income as from 4am every day.
  1. Open your Otto App
  2. Click on Receiver under personal tab
  3. Click on receive 
  4. Confirm receive

Note: You can withdraw the amount in your balance into your bank. Minimum amount is N600.

You can also read the beginner guide in the home page for more information.

Warning: Be wise in your choice of investment. Otto is an online business not insured by NDIC.
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10 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I have registered and recharge but my money is not reflecting in my account,how long does it take because my it’s almost 24hrs

  2. Contact admin @Amelie

  3. Anonymous

    I just registered now please kindly teach me how to use this app

  4. 1. Provide detailed voucher screenshots of successful payment
    2. OTTO account
    3. Payment bank account number
    4. Name of payment bank account holder
    5. Beneficiary Account
    6. Name of beneficiary account holder
    7. Recharge amount

    Attach payment receipt.

  5. Anonymous

    My payment is not reflecting why

  6. Abdul Wahab Abdulmalik

    Pls sir have registered since October 1 2023 and the money have reflected on the app because I mistakenly not put narration and am not able to contact the customer care

  7. Anonymous

    I have registered and I recharged 10,000 but the money is not reflecting

  8. Anonymous

    Hello, please were you later credited? Because i am going through the same thing at the moment

  9. Anonymous

    Please have you later been credited? Because i'm going through the same thing at the moment

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