Israel Palestinian Crisis: The Ripples of World War III

Hamas and Gaza conflict

An update report on Israel, Palestinian crisis where over 1,113 people has died, more than 4,300 injured, others in hostage in Gaza and analysts predict emergence of World War III.

Rescuers say they’ve found more than 250 bodies at the site of an Israeli music festival attacked by Hamas militants in an unprecedented assault on Saturday as reported by BBC.

The Israeli military says at least 700 people died in the attacks overall, more than 2,000 were injured, and that a number of hostages are being held in Gaza

Retaliatory Israeli air strikes have killed at least 413 people in the Gaza Strip, with 2,300 wounded, according to the latest update from Palestinian officials.

The US has announced more support for Israel by sending munitions and boosting forces in the region

The family of a British man serving in the Israeli military, Nathanel Young, say he was killed in an attack; several other nations have said their own citizens have died or been abducted

The wave of attacks launched by the Hamas militant group on Saturday morning was the biggest escalation between the two sides for decades.

Israel and Palestine flags

Facts that may lead to World War 3
  1. Hamas attacks Israel in a savage and brutal manner killing thousands of Israeli civilians.
  2. Israel declares war on Hamas, flattens and occupies Gaza and kills thousands of terrorists and innocent Palestinian women and children.
  3. Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad fires rockets into Israel in solidarity with Hamas.
  4. Israel launches devastating a counter attack against Hezbollah and unleashes a brutal and vicious ground offensive in Southern Lebanon and occupies it. 
  5. Israel launches air strikes against Iran for consistently providing 70% of funding and lethal weapons to Hamas and for consistently providing 90% of funding and lethal weapons to Hezbollah.
  6. Iran hits back with air strikes and the declaration of war against Israel.
  7. The Arab world declares an Intifada against Israel and declares war against her.
  8. America, the EU, the UK, Australia, Canada, India and their allies stand with Israel.
  9. Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Arab world and their allies stand with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinians and Iran.
  10. The war in Ukraine gets even worse as Russia crushes the Ukrainian forces and takes more territory.
  11. NATO finally jumps into the fray in the Ukraine and Europe is plunged into total war with the use of tactical nuclear weapons.
  12. China, Iran, North Korea, the Arab world and their allies side with Russia whilst America, NATO, the EU, the UK, Canada, Australia and their allies side with Ukraine.
  13. China invades and occupies Taiwan making good their threat and claim on the island and asserts her power in the South China sea.

The world is fast changing and the facts are results of what has been planned and programmed by those controlling world power from political and religious angles.

We must pray continuously for God’s intervention to truncate the kingdoms working against the peace of humanity with a population of over 8 billion.

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