Otto Online Business Reportedly Crashes as Withdrawal Process Fail

Otto Nigeria

Otto a leading online shopping mall in Nigeria has held back members fund as withdrawal process fails with huge loss to investors.

Otto partners are recounting loses as members were not able to withdraw to their local bank due to the negative impact associated with online business. See available platform

As reported by old members, which are Admin in the online business, Otto came to Nigeria about five months ago, but has posed a huge lose to new members who could not withdraw and earn from their investment as promised by the company.

Otto is a German company with online presence in Nigeria, but little do Nigerians know that it can frustrate their effort of building a reliable source of income.

For two days, members were unable to withdraw their daily earning, while the company is busy selling new products online and collecting money from innocent Nigerians.

Otto is being regarded as a Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, which has paid early investors huge amount of money, leaving new members in a messy situation.

Some new members has invested N100,000; N200,000;  N500,000 to the point of borrowing, but with no trace of getting their money back.

Otto Ponzi scheme has suddenly put many in doubts from thousand level to zero level within one day. The Otto website is accessible, but members denied access to fund withdrawal.

In a bid to recover their investment, the company has raised a certification process where each member will pay 48771 before they can withdraw their money.

The only message to Nigerians remain, INVEST WISELY IN ONLINE BUSINESS.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am finished

  2. Anonymous

    I learnt my lesson

  3. Anonymous

    I learnt my lesson

  4. Anonymous

    Am in deep pain

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Very Sad
    Just join few days before it crashed paid the certification money and now this

  7. Anonymous

    What Nigerians did not know , that this Otto has nothing to do with the original German company. this was a well designed Ponzi Scheme created by fraudsters to extort money from gullible Nigerians. if you check the legit website: there is not a single word about any Nigerian subsidiary. of course not cos such is never existed. The verification fee is a BS. Last attempt to steal money from the people. Any leader of this scheme should go to prison. I blame the Nigerian Financial Authorities who still allow such schemes to operate in the country. Responsible people (including the scheme leadership) should go to prison and be responsible with their own money for the chaos they caused. it is said though that how many people still believe in the extreme high return, do this against that they are well aware that several similar scheme operated in NIgeria in the recent years.

  8. Anonymous

    I never knew this will happen but I pray that but the founder
    And the ones behind this will not know peace for the rest there life, I curse them that their life will be filled with pain, sorrow and regret and misery all the days of their life because of Jesus Christ Amen

  9. Anonymous

    They all will suffer

  10. Anonymous

    I told my guy not to put in but he refused, now it's gone

  11. Anonymous

    I think I will create a blog to give an honest review to these online businesses. Nigerians have fallen victims repeatedly

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