Police Begins Investigations into Otto and other Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria

Otto ponzi scheme and Police logo

Aggrieved members of the crashed Otto Ponzi scheme has resorted to verifying the persons whose bank details were used for making recharge on the system.
Otto reportedly crashes on Saturday 7th as members were unable to withdraw money from their wallet, as against the normal process where they withdraw their earning on a daily basis as projected by Otto Nigeria with headquarters in Germany.

Otto online business platform was using Nigerian bank accounts for collection of payment from individuals who joined the scheme and they can be traced one-by-one. They were mainly using Opay and Palmpay account owners for recharge purposes and aggrieved members can check their transaction history.

Some members who were defrauded of their hard earned money have reported the case to the Police for investigation, as Opay and Palmpay can give the identity of those individuals, who were busy collecting money in the name of investment.

The brain behind Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria may not be able to hide their identity as banks will produce the identity of the people involved.

Otto partners should know that the only way to trace the people behind the Otto Ponzi scheme is to check your transactions since you joined Otto, and give details of all payment to them.

The Nigeria Police and other security agency has commenced investigations into the Otto ponzi scheme, and defrauded members should report the matter to the closest police station to hasten the investigation process.

The websites that were operated by Otto Nigeria Ponzi scheme are https://otto-c2c.com/ and https://otto-o2o.com/. Other reliable information include the bank account names and account numbers used during recharge or funding of account.

We can only make our country a better and safe place, if we keep exposing those defrauding us of our hard earned resources, using fake programs and strategies to deceive people.

Also, the public should also be aware of increasing rate of ponzi scheme where the owners or the operators of the scheme make billions of naira, within a short period of time, making our lives vulnerable.

MMM, WHG, Otto, etc are notable ponzi schemes that have caused havoc to many homes and families in Nigeria. Let be aware of online businesses that are not truthful to their values and mission, especially when they use foreign company names to represent their logos and major headline.

If only all aggrieved Otto members report this case to the Police for investigation at their respective locations across Nigeria with evidence of the account numbers used for payment during recharge, the people that masterminded this evil plot may be traced.

All eyes on ponzi scheme online business platforms in Nigeria!

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