Ro2o Richemont Online Business: Register, Recharge and Start Earning Daily


Richemont Shop (Ro2o) online business has catching rewards for new members with affordable registration requirements, huge benefits and lots of bonuses.

Ro2o Richemont is a brand new online business, and early investors can make huge income from the platform.

Learn more about Richemont,

The secret behind online business is the number of people you refers to the platform, not how much you invested. 

For instance, someone may invest N10,000 and refers over 100 people. That person will be earning between N5,000 to N9,000 daily and an average of N200,000 monthly.

If you know what early investors make from online business yearly, it is more than what top public servants earn annually.

If you invest N10,000 initially and re-invest your income and then generate more revenue through the platform, what is lose at the end of the day, is simply NOTHING.

No one should invest much into online business, instead use your referral link (Invite) to draw more people and earn from them.

Note: Most online businesses crashes in the last quarter of the year. It is advisable to put your money at the beginning of the year, between February – September.

Title: Richemont
Invitation Code: U63gI2VDP

How to Register

  1. Open the registration Link: 
  2. Fill in your mobile number, remove initial zero 
  3. Send OTP
  4. Invitation Code (ok)
  5. Create password (min of 8 characters)
  6. Submit

How to Download App

How to Recharge (Fund Account)

  1. Home – Recharge
  2. Select Channel – Input Amount
  3. Click Submit
  4. Copy and Open link
  5. Copy the details displayed: account number and narration,
  6. Take note of the bank and account name
  7. Input Sender name or Sender account details
  8. Submit
  9. Now, open Mobile App and pay the exact amount. USSD method not allow.

How to Receive Bonus after Registration

  1. Contact the Admin (Serve) and send your details
  2. Full Name and Ro20 Mobile Number

How to Make Withdrawal
  1. Fill the bankcard with your account number and bank
  2. Step 2 – Input amount
  3. Submit and wait for alert (min of 24hrs)

New members should use the News tab to learn more about their daily role and beginner’s guide manual.

Ro2o Online business is not insured by NDIC, only the brave with risk minds can survive it.

Be Careful! Don’t invest your savings into online business to avoid stories that touch.

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