The Shadows of Democratic Experience in Nigeria

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The ideology behind the rule of law in the tenet of democracy experience is becoming fictional in the actualization of the dividends of democracy in Nigeria.

Democracy was defined as the government of the people by the people and for the people. To a layman, democracy is now the government for those in politics, not for the people. Nigerians are recounting their experience in the current democratic rule in their country.

Nigeria is among the top countries in the world endowed with numerous natural resources, but the citizens are barely enjoying the resources, except a certain elements who are in control in affiliation to politics and religious cycle.

Politics and religion are two major factors contributing to the declining economic status of the country. Power rotates between this two main factors, and if nothing is done. It will gradually elude the citizens of their God’s given resources.

For instance, Nigeria is blessed with crude oil, which is the main source of revenue to the country, yet no refinery is refining the crude oil. It has to be exported for refining and imported back for the citizens to use.

My country has four major refineries, none is working. The government has abandoned the production sector, relying on importation, killing the currency value, generating wealth for themselves.

It’s hurtful experience for leaders not to have the resilience to break through the economic hurdles facing the nation, instead they remain neutral in professing solutions to eminent economic issues.

Let AWAKE our leaders to deepen the value of democratic experience in the country. The shadows of democratic experience in Nigeria is the core effect of the current economic challenges barricading development at the various level of government.

At 63, Nigeria is still battling with core economy matters, providing low economic value to its citizens, generating high interest rate from citizens, extracting much from the treasury, paying for more security bills, expanding the import trade and much ‘smiles’ from the suffering  humanity.

Until the issue of inflation is settled, Nigeria will remain in the shadows of democratic experience for the next decades. Arise and let pause the emerging economic challenges rocking the nation across communities, towns, cities and states.

Let our leaders reduce the cost of governance at all levels, remove religious differences, and put more resources at building infrastructures of economic value to its citizens.

God bless Nigeria!

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