Wado City of Urhobo Nation

Wado City

Wado City means Orere Urhobo is an urban, commercial and industrial Urhobo territories in Warri Delta State, Nigeria. 

The proposed city is bounded with Warri North and Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta state.

Wado City Development

The movement for the actualization of Wado City of the Urhobo people of Delta was first projected by Dr Ejiro Imuere, where it became a major discussion among social media and blogs.

Wado city is primarily to to reflect the identity of the Urhobo people in Warri South Local Government Area and to correct the error of subsuming neighbouring Urhobo towns by the name “Warri”.

Wado City is being recognised globally to identity the existence of Urhobo people within Warri city against the wrong ideology of one major tribe.

The various tribes in the region have their area of jurisdiction, which the Urhobo people called Wado City.

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