Aircraft Carrying Tinubu’s Ministers Crashes with No Casualties


A Nigerian private aircraft operated by Flint Aero with ten passengers on board reportedly crashes on land on the runway as pilot and passengers survives, at Ibadan airport.

“Accidentally, a private HS25B aircraft operated by Flint Aero narrowly averted tragedy as it crash-landed on the runway at Ibadan airport yesterday.

“The flight, which had departed from Abuja at 18:41 hours, was carrying several high-ranking government officials.

“The crash occurred at approximately 19:21 hours, with ten individuals on board. Remarkably, there were no fatalities, although the aircraft sustained significant damage.

As reported, the pilot had been cleared for an RNAV approach to Runway 22. Quick and efficient action allowed all passengers and crew members to be safely evacuated.

Credit: Vanguard News

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