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Baze University

Baze University is a leading private university located in Abuja Nigeria offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Learn more about their courses, admission requirement and its impact.

Before you apply, read this Application Guide and the information on your course page to ensure that you provide the correct documents and information. 

This Application Guide and the Undergraduate Admissions webpages are definitive and contain the most current and comprehensive information about the admissions process and requirements. These may be subject to change and you should consider the version currently available online to be the definitive source of information at any given time.

To bring about ease and simplicity to our application process, we have made provisions for two methods of application that can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

Online Application
Baze University does not use application deadlines. This means that you can apply for admission all the time. Before you start your application, you need to ensure that your application and all supporting documents are ready.

You can submit multiple applications to different courses, but please do not accept any offer until you have received a decision from all the programmes you have applied for. When you have received all decisions from the university please make sure you accept only one offer as soon as possible.

Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science and Information Technology
B.Sc Communication Technology
B.Sc Computer Science
B.Sc Computing for Business
B.Sc Cyber Security
B.Sc Information Systems Management
B.Sc Information Technology

B.Eng Chemical Engineering
B.Eng Civil Engineering
B.Eng Computer Engineering
B.Eng Electrical and Electronics
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
B.Eng Mechatronics Engineering
B.Eng Petroleum and Gas Engineering
B.Eng Telecommunication Engineering

Environmental Sciences
B.Sc Architecture
B.Sc Building
B.Sc Estate Management
B.Sc Quantity Surveying
B.Sc Surveying and Geo-informatics
B.Sc Urban and Regional Planning

B.Sc Private and Commercial Law
B.Sc Public and International Law

Management and Social Sciences
B.Sc Accounting
B.Sc Banking and Finance
B.Sc Business Management
B.Sc Economics
B.Sc Insurance and Actuarial Science
B.Sc International Relations and Diplomacy
B.Sc Marketing
B.Sc Mass Communication
B.Sc Political Science
B.Sc Psychology
B.Sc Public Administration
B.Sc Sociology and Anthropology
PGD Management 

School of Medicine
B.Sc Human Anatomy
B.Sc Human Physiology
B.Sc Public Health
B.Sc Radiography and Radiation Science
Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS)

Natural and Applied Sciences
B.Sc Biochemistry
B.Sc Biological Sciences
B.Sc Biotechnology
B.Sc Financial Mathematics
B.Sc Microbiology
B.Sc Petroleum Chemistry
B.Sc Physics with Computing

Medical and Health Sciences
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Post Graduate Programs

M.Sc Courses
M.Sc Accounting
M.Sc Animal and Environmental Science
M.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Clinical Psychology
M.Sc Computer Science
M.Sc Developmental Psychology
M.Sc Economics
M.Sc Intelligence and Global Security
M.Sc International Relations And Diplomacy
M.Sc Management
M.Sc Mass Communication
M.Sc Microbiology
M.Sc Parasitology
M.Sc Public Administration
M.Sc Quantity Surveying (Commercial Management)
M.Sc Quantity Surveying (Professional Practice Management)
M.Sc Quantity Surveying (Project Management)
M.Sc Security, Leadership and Society
M.Sc Sociology

Ph.D Courses
Ph.D Accounting
Ph.D Biology
Ph.D Chemistry
Ph.D Civil Engineering
Ph.D Computer Engineering
Ph.D Computer Science
Ph.D Economics
Ph.D Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Ph.D International Relations and Diplomacy
Ph.D Law
Ph.D Management
Ph.D Mass Communication
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D Microbiology
Ph.D Petroleum and Gas Engineering
Ph.D Psychology
Ph.D Public Administration
Ph.D Sociology and Anthropology


Baze University is a distinctive quality-based educational institution making a difference in the Nation’s history through the positive impact of its service and graduates output.

Our Mission
To establish and maintain a more suitable academic environment, synergizing world-class human capital and best technology for creating and impacting knowledge to develop and modernize the Nigerian society

Our Vision
To be a distinctive quality-based educational institution, making difference in the nation’s history through the positive impact of its services and its graduate output.

Statement of Quality
Baze delivers quality by having experienced international staff, superb teaching equipment, overseas external examiners, and first-rate buildings to guarantee standards. Baze aims to provide university education to British standards in Nigeria at about half the cost of sending a student to study abroad Currently, no Nigerian university is rated in the top 5,000 in the world. Many Nigerians thus feel compelled to send their sons and daughters to be educated abroad, at substantial cost (at least $28,000 per year for tuition, travel and living expenses). Baze delivers the same quality of education and living at about $14,000 (N2.2 m) – and, at a critical stage of their lives, students will be staying closer to their families.

Our Campus
The main Campus is 6km from Abuja Central Area, on Jabi Airport Road Bypass Ring Road. Academic activities commenced in the Academic and Administrative building, the Social Area and the Sports Complex. Baze has another site at Bwari for further development. Abuja is in the centre of Nigeria, and has excellent air and road links. Baze began in April 2011 with a Foundation class and three Faculties: Management & Social Sciences| Law | Computing & Applied Sciences. 

List of Faculties
Currently BAZE University has 10 Faculties which includes Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Studies, Law, Management and Social Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, Postgraduate School, and School of Medicine. There are several specialities within these Faculties

Technology is fast revolutionising the world and we aim to be a part of the revolution. Our interest in the subject is reflected in our recent hosting of the event that focused on the importance of drone technology in development programmes.

Diversification of thought and processes is important and we tailor our curriculum to portray this quality. Our students have the knowledge-base and corresponding skills required to excel everywhere regardless of geography, cultural orientation.

An Aerial View of Our Campus
The aerial view showcases our main facilities and infrastructure that are designed and constructed to ensure that students acquire quality education in an environment that is conducive and comfortable for their advancement in knowledge and thought. With facilities ranging from sports and recreations, malls to religious centres, our students have all of their needs met without stepping outside the campus grounds.

For details, visit the official website of the university.

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