Protest Erupts in Kano Over Appeal Court Judgement

The Court of Appeal judgment sacking Governor Yusuf Abba Kabir of Kano state, declaring APC candidate, Gawuna Nasiru Yusuf has generated public ripples of massive protest.

There is protest currently ongoing in Kano state over appeal court judgment that  declared Gawuna Nasiru as the winner of the election, whereas the certified true copy shows that the NNPC candidate, Gov. Yusuf Kabir is the winner of the election.

A protest has erupted in Kano state over the recent Appeal court judgment in the governorship election. The police managed to disperse the protesters along the Dan Agundi area of the state. This is coming after the Certified True Copy of the judgement appeared in the public domain.

Although, the court of appeal has call on the lawyers to return the Certified True  Copy in their possession.

So far, the Court of Appeal has sacked the governors of Plateau state, Nasarawa, Kano and some has headed to Supreme Court for final verdict.

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