Ro2o Richemont Ponzi Scheme Crashes While Milking Innocent Nigerians

Ro2o Richemont

Ro2o Richemont is an online ponzi scheme where members invest and earn daily like every other online business, but failed to fulfilled its daily payment responsibility.

Some members investment ranges from N2,700 to N300,000 and each earn about 6% of their investment daily.

It sad to state here that ponzi scheme only favours early investors, the same has happen to Ro2o Richemont investors which has been paying early investors leaving behind new comers, which investment has been stock, without daily pay.

Ro2o has stopped paying both old and new investors. This was confirmed by members who were unable to receive their daily earning as from 1st November.

Ro2o portal says Account Status Abnormal. This signals the end of the ponzi scheme, because the developers has paused the daily payment process for all users.

Nigerians and Africans should be wise about ponzi scheme. It only pays early investors, late comers have  enough to lose because their investment has gone down the drain.

Always invest wisely in online ponzi scheme to avoid waste of resources, just like what Ro2o has done to innocent Nigerians.

Surprisingly, Ro2o is still milking innocent Nigerians, even after pausing payment process for old investors. Innocent members are still paying money, thinking the platform is still ongoing.

Ro2o Richemont has crashed. Stop paying money to them! Look elsewhere and invest your hard earn money. 

Note: Most online businesses crashes in the last quarter of the year. It is advisable to put your money at the beginning of the year, between February – September.

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10 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I have benefited from this platform for months and still now. on second November 2023 there was upgrade of site. A new site was given to the users while the old site stop working. Stop saying something you little about it. Have a nice day

  2. Anonymous

    The platform is still very much active and i joined since first week of October. Im still cashing out daily.

  3. Anonymous

    Can you prove your point with more concrete evidence or you just want traffic hits on your PONZI fake news blog?

  4. Anonymous

    He's not lying are you still receiving payment

  5. Anonymous

    Run for ur life

  6. Anonymous

    It seems to have crashed. They have paused all payments.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    It seems it has crashed. They have stopped all payment and extorting members though creating channels of collect more money from members

  9. Anonymous

    I'm a new member and seeing this is heartbreaking

  10. Anonymous

    Since I join I have never cash out

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