Wike Demands N20 billion monthly from Gov. Sim Fubara

wike & fubara

FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike rifts with his successor, Gov. Sim Fubara of Rivers state was a show of sharing formula disagreement that led to Presidential settlement in the Aso rock villa, Abuja.

Nyesom Wike is the immediate past governor of Rivers state and the current minister of FCT in the most recent rifts with his godson, Gov. Sim Fubara over sharing formula as agreed when he was the ‘chosen one’ to succeed Wike’s eight years of two tenures in office.

After their meeting at the Aso rock villa, where President Tinubu dabbles into their affairs, and yet Wike defended himself in this words that make social media talking, while responding to interview.

“If I Demand N20 Billion every month & even award all the contracts to myself, that’s politics. Where was he when I was fighting? I have to be politically relevant & I must maintain my political structure. I can’t allow anybody to cut me out immediately”  Wike defends his fight against Gov. Sim Fubara.  

In reality, we can’t say Wike actually made demand of the above, nobody knows the actual agreement and the timeline of issues that truncated between them. Both of them knows what is itching them.

Wike thoughts of losing relevant in the state so soon, and must maintain the political structure he built in eight years as Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria.

In the words of Robert Greene, Never outshine your master.

Let Wike and Fubara bond lead Rivers state to a greater height in the face of economy downturn and rising inflation, amidst insecurity and political brouhaha.

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