Covering the Skies is God’s Glory – Hymn Lyrics

1. f Covering the skies is God’s glory
And earth is full of His praise.
Brightness in likeness of the sun
At its zenith is His grace,
His fame spreads all around the world
And the shinning of His face.
Away flies the dingy darkness
When righteous sun takes its place.

2. mf Th’ eternal mountains were scattered,
Along the ancient pathways.
The everlasting hills sank low
Of them, there was no more trace.
The thunders shook earth’s foundation
And the sun withdrew its rays,
Behind the clouds hid all the stars
Ev’n stood moon still in its place.

3. In His holy place, the Lord is,
Let all the earth keep silence,
Worship Him in holy splendour
Come before Him in reverence.
Heavens be glad, and earth rejoice,
In His resplendent presence,
Ascribe glory unto the Lord
For His might and excellence. Amen

[Omo’Bola Omo-Agbadaoje]



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