God who creates, the Great I AM – Hymn Lyrics

1. f God who creates, the Great “I AM”
Has made all things on earth,
And all that are in heaven are His,
And His alone they are.
Let’s count and study such as known
As found among His works,
For ever can they all be seen
For so to count them all.

2. cr At first He said “Let there be light”
But see, and it was done.
f He made all things that beam the rays,
And in their courses run.
The trees and shrubs in forest glades,
And flowers and fruits they bear,
The mammals, reptiles, fish and birds,
Have all the space to share.

3. The lakes, the oceans and the seas,
He made them one and all,
The earth and all its fullness are,
For man, his treasure called.
He crowned with kingly majesty,
The man He made to rule,
The image of our God Himself,
He made a woman too.

4. To man, the wisdom granted He
To rule above all things,
Unto the glory of the Lord,
The King above all kings.
Let all the world all pride abhor,
And worship God with awe,
With Christ and Holy Spirit be,
One God for evermore. Amen

[Chuma Chukwuka]

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