List of Acronyms and Meaning – Vision 2050

vision 2050

Full acronyms of ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals and other government functionaries and their meaning.

Acronyms and Meaning
  1. ABP  – Anchor Borrowers Programme
  2. AER  – Arts, entertainment, and recreation
  3. AfCFTA  – Africa Continental Free Trade Area
  4. AFD  – Agence Française de Développement
  5. AfDB  – African Development Bank
  6. AFN  – Armed Forces of Nigeria
  7. AFS  – Accommodation and food services
  8. AFOLU  – Agriculture, Forestry, and other Land Use
  9. AGOA African Growth and Opportunity Act
  10. AIS Agricultural Integrated Scheme
  11. ALC Aviation Leasing Company
  12. ALGON Association of Local Governments of Nigeria
  13. ALRMP Agricultural Land Resources Management Programme
  14. ASCL Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited
  15. ASM Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining
  16. ASYCUDA Automated System for Customs Data
  17. AU African Union
  18. AUC African Union Commission
  19. BASA Bilateral Air Service Agreements
  20. BHCPF Basic Health Care Provision Fund
  21. BME Budget, Monitoring and Evaluation
  22. BNBs Build Nigeria Bonds
  23. BOA Bank of Agriculture
  24. BOOT Build, Own, Operate and Transfer
  25. bpd Barrels of crude oil per day
  26. BUDFOW Business Development Fund for Women
  27. BVN Bank Verification Number
  28. CAC Corporate Affairs Commission
  29. CBN Central Bank of Nigeria
  30. CC Control of Corruption
  31. CCB Code of Conduct Bureau
  32. CCT Code of Conduct Tribunal
  33. CCT Conditional Cash Transfers
  34. CCTEH Culture, Creative, Tourism, Entertainment and Hospitality
  35. CCPs Central Counterparties
  36. CER Competitiveness of Executive Recruitment
  37. CHPRBN Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of Nigeria
  38. CIMIC Civil-Military Cooperation
  39. CIPM Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria
  40. CIT Companies Income Tax
  41. CMAM Community Management of Acute Malnutrition
  42. COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease 2019
  43. CPI Corruption Perception Index
  44. CPDLC/ADS-C Controller/Pilot Data Link Communication/Automatic
  45. Dependent Surveillance-Contract
  46. CPIA Country Policy and Institutional Assessment
  47. CPP Competitiveness of Political Participation
  48. CSOs Civil Service Organisations
  49. CWG Central Working Group
  50. DAR Decommissioning and Asset Retirement
  51. DCGE Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium
  52. DFID Department for International Development
  53. DFIs Development Finance Institutions
  54. DFRRI Directorate of Food Roads and Rural Infrastructure
  55. DHS Demographic and Health Survey
  56. DisCos Distribution Companies
  57. DPRS Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  58. DTF Desert to Food
  59. DVCs Domestic Value Chains
  60. DVPCS Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services
  61. ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
  62. ECI Economic Complexity Index
  63. EEG Export Expansion Grant
  64. EEI Energizing Economics Initiatives
  65. EFCC Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
  66. EGDI E-Government Development Index
  67. EIA Environmental Impact Assessments
  68. EMIS Education Management and Information System
  69. EoDB Ease of doing business
  70. EPA Economic Partnership Agreement
  71. EPI Environmental Performance Index
  72. EPSRA Electric Power Sector Reform Act
  73. ERGP Economic Recovery and Growth Plan
  74. ESP Economic Sustainability Plan
  75. ETLS ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme
  76. ETP Energy Transition Plan
  77. EU European Union
  78. EVs Electric Vehicles
  79. EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
  80. FAAN Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
  81. FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
  82. FCT Federal Capital Territory
  83. FDI Foreign Direct Investment
  84. FEC Federal Executive Council
  85. FHA Federal Housing Authority
  86. FIRS Federal Inland Revenue Service
  87. FMARD – Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  88. FMBN – Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria
  89. FMBNP – Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning
  90. FMFBNP – Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning
  91. FMDQ – Financial Market Dealer Quotation
  92. FMHADMSD – Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development
  93. FMLP – Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity
  94. FMPW&H – Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing
  95. FMWA – Federal Ministry of Women Affairs
  96. FMWR – Federal Ministry of Water Resources
  97. FMYSD Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports Development
  98. FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
  99. FRSC Federal Road Safety Corps
  100. FSP Family Support Programme
  101. FTZ Free Trade Zone
  102. GCFR Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic
  103. GCI Global Competitiveness Index
  104. GDP Gross Domestic Product
  105. GE Government Effective
  106. GEEP Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme
  107. GenCos Generating Companies
  108. GGW Great Green Wall
  109. GHG Greenhouse Gas
  110. GIFMIS – Government Integrated Financial Management Information System
  111. GIS Geographic Information System
  112. GIZ Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  113. GII Global Innovation Index
  114. GMPC General Multi-Purpose Cards
  115. GOEs Government Owned Enterprises
  116. GPIA Gender Policy in Agriculture
  117. GPPs Gas Processing Plants
  118. GRN Global Reference Network
  119. GSM Global System for Mobile communication
  120. GVCs Global Value Chains
  121. GWh Gigawatt-hour
  122. HCI Human Capital Index
  123. HFO Heavy Fuel Oil
  124. HGSF Home Grown School Feeding
  125. HMOs Health Maintenance Organizations
  126. HRORBN – Health Record Officers Registration Board of Nigeria
  127. IASA International Aviation Safety Assessment
  128. IATA International Air Transport Association
  129. ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
  130. ICDs Inland Container Depots
  131. ICPC – Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission
  132. ICRC – Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission
  133. ICT Information and Communication Technology
  134. IDPs Internally Displaced Persons
  135. IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  136. IGR Internally Generated Revenue
  137. IIAG Ibrahim Index of African Governance
  138. ILO International Labour Organization
  139. IMAS Inter-connected Mini-Grid acceleration scheme
  140. IMO International Maritime Organization
  141. INDC Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
  142. INEC Independent National Electoral Commission
  143. InfraCo Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria
  144. IOCs International Oil Companies
  145. IOM International Organization for Migration
  146. IoTs Internet of Things
  147. IP Intellectual Property
  148. IPP Independent Power Plant
  149. IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System
  150. ISPs Internet service providers
  151. JICA Japanese International Cooperation Agency
  152. KPIs Key Performance Indicators
  153. kWh Kilowatt-hour
  154. LFTZ Lekki Free Trade Zone
  155. LPLEL Lekki Port LFTZ Enterprise Limited
  156. LSEB Lagos State Electricity Board
  157. LT-LEDS Long-Term Low Emissions Development Strategy
  158. LV Low voltage
  159. M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
  160. MACMOD Macro-econometric Model
  161. MAS Mini-Grid Acceleration Scheme
  162. mbpd Million Barrels Per Day
  163. MCO Mining Cadastral Office
  164. MDAs Ministries Department and Agencies
  165. MEC Mines Environmental Compliance
  166. MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  167. MHA Management and Social Development
  168. MIS Market Information Systems
  169. mmscf million standard cubic feet
  170. MMSD Ministry of Mines and Steel Development
  171. MO Market Operator
  172. MPC Monetary Policy Committee
  173. MPS Motion pictures
  174. MPSP Sound recording and music production
  175. MRF Modular Refinery Funding
  176. MRO Maintenance Repairs Overhaul
  177. MSME Micro, small and medium enterprise
  178. MST Mobile System of Telephony
  179. MSW Municipal Solid Waste
  180. MTNDP Medium Term National Development Plan
  181. MTP Mass Transport Programme
  182. MTT Mass Transit Train
  183. MV Medium voltage
  184. MW Megawatt
  185. MYRPO Multi-Year Plan Order
  186. MYSD Ministry of Youth and Sports Development
  187. NA 2050 Nigeria Agenda 2050
  188. NABTEB National Business and Technical Examinations Board
  189. NACS National Anti-Corruption Strategy
  190. NACTEST National Counter Terrorism Strategy
  191. NAERLS National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Service
  192. NAF Nigerian Armed Forces
  193. NAFDAC National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
  194. NAIC Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  195. NAICOM National Insurance Commission
  196. NALDA Nigerian Agricultural Land Development Authority
  197. NAMA Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
  198. NAPTIP National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons
  199. NAQS Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service
  200. NASSP National Social Safety Net Programme
  201. NASENI National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure
  202. NBET Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading
  203. NBFIs Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  204. NBRRI Nigeria Building and Road Research Institute
  205. NBS National Bureau of Statistics
  206. NBTE National Board for Technical Education
  207. NCC Nigerian Communication Commission
  208. NCD Non-communicable Disease
  209. NCDC Nigeria Centre for Disease Control
  210. NCDMB Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board
  211. NDD The Nigerian Disability Decree
  212. NDE National Directorate Employment
  213. NDP National Development Plan
  214. NDPR Niger Delta Petroleum Resources
  215. NDR Nigeria Development Report
  216. NDEPS National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy
  217. NDLEA National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
  218. NECON National Electoral Commission of Nigeria
  219. NEDC North East Development Commission
  220. NEDI Nigeria’s Economic Diplomacy Initiative
  221. NEEDS National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
  222. NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
  223. NEMA National Emergency Management Agency
  224. NEP Nigeria Electrification Project
  225. NEPA National Electric Power Authority
  226. NEPC Nigerian Export Promotion Council
  227. NERC Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
  228. NESP Nigerian Energy Support Programme
  229. NESREA National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency
  230. NGN Nigerian Naira
  231. NGFCP Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme
  232. NGOs Non-governmental Organisation
  233. NGSA Nigeria Geological Survey Agency
  234. NHIA National Health Insurance Authority
  235. NHIS National Health Insurance Scheme
  236. NHP National Housing Programme
  237. NICTIB National Information Communications Technology Infrastructure Backbone
  238. NIDCOM Nigerians in Diaspora Commission
  239. NIG-Fund Nigeria Investment and Growth Fund
  240. NIMC National Identity Management Commission
  241. NIMG Nigerian Institute of Mining and Geosciences
  242. NIN National Identification Number
  243. NiNAS Nigeria National Accreditation System
  244. NIOMCO Nigerian Iron Ore and Mining Company
  245. NIPC Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission
  246. NIPP National Integrated Power Project
  247. NIRSAL Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending
  248. NIMASA Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
  249. NIIMP Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan
  250. NIWA National Inland Waterways Authority
  251. NIS Nigerian Immigration Service
  252. NITDA National Information Technology Development Agency
  253. NLDP Nigeria Livestock Development Programme
  254. NLSS Nigeria Living Standards Survey
  255. NMRC Nigeria Mortgage Refinancing Company
  256. NMPFAN National Multi-Sectoral Plan of Action for Food and Nutrition
  257. NNDP Nigerian National Defence Policy
  258. NOTAP National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion
  259. NORM II National Outcome Routine Mapping
  260. NPA Nigerian Ports Authority
  261. NPHCDA National Primary Healthcare Development Agency
  262. NpopC National Population Commission
  263. NPPDUPS National Policy on Population for Development, Unity, Progress and Self-Reliance
  264. NPRGS National Poverty Reduction with Growth Strategy
  265. NREEEP National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy
  266. NRC Nigeria Railway Corporation
  267. NRF National Research Fund
  268. NSC National Steering Committee
  269. NSDS National Strategy for the Development of Statistics
  270. NSIP National Social Investments Programme
  271. NSQF National Skills Qualifications Framework
  272. NSS National Security Strategy
  273. NSTIR National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap
  274. NTAEs Non-traditional Agricultural Exports
  275. NTM Nigerian Transportation Masterplan
  276. NTP National Transport Policy
  277. NUC National Universities Commission
  278. NV 20:2020 Nigeria Vision 20: 2020
  279. NVP Nigerian Visa Policy
  280. NYCN National Youth Council of Nigeria
  281. NYIF National Youth Investment Fund
  282. NYP National Youth Parliament
  283. ODA Official Development Assistance
  284. OER Openness of Executive Recruitment
  285. OFN Operation Feed the Nation
  286. OGP Open Governance Partnership
  287. OGS Order Generation Systems
  288. OHCSF Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation
  289. OPEC Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
  290. OSGF Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation
  291. OSH Occupational Health and Safety
  292. OSSA-SDG Office of the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Sustainable Development Goals
  293. PAGMI Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Initiative
  294. PBN People Bank of Nigeria
  295. PCI Productive Capacity Index
  296. PCVE Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism
  297. PEBEC Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council
  298. PenCom Pension Commission
  299. PEWASH Partnership Expansion for Water Sanitation and Hygiene
  300. PHCN Power Holding Company of Nigeria
  301. PHCs Primary Healthcare Centres
  302. PHLs Post-Harvest Losses
  303. PIA Petroleum Industry Act
  304. PIB Petroleum Industry Bill
  305. PIFB Petroleum Industry Fiscal Bill
  306. PIGB Petroleum Industry Governance Bill
  307. PIU Plan Implementation unit
  308. PLWDs People living with disabilities
  309. PMBs Primary Mortgage Banks
  310. PMIs Primary Mortgage Institutions
  311. PMS Performance Management Systems
  312. POMO Piracy and Other Maritime Offences
  313. PPP Public-Private Partnerships
  314. PropTech Property Technology
  315. PSC Passenger Service Charge
  316. PS&AV Political Stability & Absence of Violence
  317. PTFP Presidential Task Force on Power
  318. PTF Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund
  319. PV Photovoltaic
  320. QRGE Quality of Regulation Guiding Election
  321. RBEMIF Rural-Based E-mailing and Internet Facility
  322. R&D Research and Development
  323. RBDAs River Basin Development Authorities
  324. REA Rural Electrification Agency
  325. REEEP Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme
  326. REF Rural Electrification Fund
  327. REMP Renewable Energy Master Plan
  328. RGPP Regulations Guiding Political Participation
  329. RHDP Rural Human Development Programme
  330. RIFU Regional Intelligence Fusion Unit
  331. RIDRITCS Road Infrastructure Development and Refurbishment Investment Tax Credit Scheme
  332. RL Rule of Law
  333. RMRDC Raw Materials Research and Development Council
  334. RoW Right of Way
  335. RQ Regulatory Quality
  336. RRBS Rural Radio Broadcasting Services
  337. RUWASSAN Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme
  338. SALWs Small Arms and Light Weapons
  339. SAM Social Accounting Matrix
  340. SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
  341. SDPs State Development Plans
  342. SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
  343. SEZs Special Economic Zones
  344. SGBV Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
  345. SLCPs – Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
  346. SMDF – Solid Minerals Development Fund
  347. SMEDAN – Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria
  348. SO – System Operator
  349. SON – Standards Organisation of Nigeria
  350. SPVs – Special Purpose Vehicles
  351. SRGIs – Strategic Revenue Growth Initiatives
  352. SSDS – State Strategy for the Development of Statistics
  353. SSMP – States Statistical Master Plans
  354. STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  355. STI Science, Technology and Innovation
  356. STRT Senior Technical Review Team
  357. SHS Solar Home System
  358. SUBEB State Universal Basic Education Board
  359. SURE-P Subsidy Reinvestment Programme
  360. SWDS Solid Waste Disposal Site
  361. SWF Sovereign Wealth Fund
  362. T+1 Next day post-transaction
  363. TAS Truck Appointment System
  364. TCN Transmission Company of Nigeria
  365. TEU Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit
  366. TETFUND Tertiary Education Trust Fund
  367. TRACON Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria
  368. TSA Treasury Single Account
  369. TSCF Trillion Standard Cubic Feet
  370. TSP Transmission Service Provider
  371. TTPs Truck Transit Parks
  372. TVET Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  373. TWGs Technical Working Groups
  374. UBEC Universal Basic Education Commission
  375. UHC Universal Health Coverage
  376. UMIC Upper Middle-Income Country
  377. UN/CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
  378. UNCRPD United Nations Convention on the Right of Persons with Disability
  379. UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  380. UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  381. UNEDEP University Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  382. UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  383. URDB Urban and Regional Development Boards
  384. US United States
  385. USOAP Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme
  386. US$ United States Dollar
  387. VA  – Voice and Accountability
  388. VAT  – Value Added Tax
  389. VP  – Vice President
  390. VPP Virtual Power Plant
  391. VVF Vesicovaginal Fistula
  392. WASH  – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  393. WBGI  – World Bank Governance Indicators
  394. WDI  – World Development Indicators
  395. WEF  – World Economic Forum
  396. WGI  – World Governance Indicators
  397. WHO  – World Health Organization
  398. WTO  – World Trade Organization
  399. YOUWIN – Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria
  400. 4IR  – 4th Industrial Revolution
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