List of Shortlisted Fellows 1st Batch 3MTT Technical Skills Program


The 3MTT technical skill program is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy to train 3 Million young Nigerians by 2025.

The online registration commenced in October and the first batch in the phase one of the program has been released.

The list of the 31174 selected fellow applicants in the 1st batch of the online 3MTT training program. 

Find details of the selected applicants who applied as fellow, for online profile update and training schedule, via their dashboard.

How to Check the List of Selected Fellows Applicants
  • For data privacy reasons, only initials were provided for firstname. Kindly search the list with your last name for optimal results.
  • If you can’t find your name on the list, kindly login to see your status on your dashboard.
  • If you received a selection email and cannot find your name or your status is not updated to “Selected” on your dashboard, please send an email to
  • Courses in each state are based on the selected training providers for this phase. Hence, not all states have fellows for all courses.

Selected Fellow Applicants
  1. A Adekusibe Software Development Oyo Male
  2. A Hamza Software Development Plateau Male
  3. A Olaoye Software Development Lagos Male
  4. A Aminu Rabiu Cloud Computing Kano Male
  5. A Suleiman Cyber Security Niger Male
  6. A Tade Software Development Ogun Male
  7. A Fayomi Software Development Lagos Male
  8. A Dungus Software Development Niger Male
  9. A Olubunmi Cyber Security Ekiti Male
  10. A Oladipupo Ai/ml Lagos Male
  11. A Adeyeye Data Science Ogun Male
  12. A Adeyeye Data Analysis & Visualization Oyo Male
  13. A Usman Software Development Kebbi Female
  14. A Lantana Inuwa Cyber Security Kano Female
  15. A Salawudeen Software Development Ogun Female
  16. A Sodiq Software Development Lagos Male
  17. A Awojide Software Development Ondo Male
  18. A Umar Software Development Sokoto Female
  19. A Ogenigbo Product Management Anambra Female
  20. A Samuel Software Development Osun Male
  21. B Muhammad Jamiu Data Analysis & Visualization Yobe Male
  22. B Africanus Data Analysis & Visualization Rivers Female
  23. B Abdulsalam Jaafar Product Management Kano Female
  24. C Chukwudi Data Analysis & Visualization Anambra Male
  25. C Ubenyi Cyber Security Anambra Female
  26. C Duru Cyber Security Enugu Male
  27. C Chidimma Software Development Imo Female
  28. C Nwadibia Cyber Security Abia Male
  29. C Ogu Ui/ux Nasarawa Female
  30. C Okafor Data Analysis & Visualization Federal Capital Territory Female
  31. D Musa Product Management Taraba Male
  32. D Poli Cyber Security Bayelsa Female
  33. E Akunado Data Analysis & Visualization Rivers Female
  34. E Stephen Cyber Security Plateau Male
  35. E Abakadang Software Development Akwa Ibom Male
  36. F Muhammad Sani Software Development Zamfara Male
  37. F Iselen Software Development Federal Capital Territory Female
  38. F Hussaini Adam Cyber Security Borno Female
  39. F Otor Cyber Security Edo Male
  40. F Saeed Sada Product Management Katsina Female
  41. G Abdullahi Product Management Bayelsa Male
  42. G Nzom Ui/ux Cross River Female
  43. G Olorunjuwon Data Analysis & Visualization Federal Capital Territory Female
  44. H Muehammad Cloud Computing Bauchi Male
  45. H Kawu Maigari Software Development Gombe Female
  46. H Kabiru Product Management Jigawa Female
  47. H Aliyu Software Development Zamfara Female
  48. H Paul Product Management Rivers Female
  49. I Udeh Software Development Lagos Female
  50. I Machi Product Management Sokoto Female
  51. I Sonde Data Science Ogun Female
  52. J Arinola Software Development Kwara Female
  53. L Bassey Ui/ux Cross River Male
  54. L Assadiq Product Management Kano Female
  55. M Joseph Software Development Adamawa Female
  56. M Okonkwo Software Development Anambra Female
  57. M Orshi Ai/ml Benue Female
  58. M Sunday Software Development Akwa Ibom Female
  59. M Egwa Data Analysis & Visualization Cross River Male
  60. M Eragbhe Software Development Edo Male
  61. M Sani Animation Zamfara Male
  62. N Auwal Cyber Security Jigawa Female
  63. N Akpan Product Management Cross River Female
  64. N Chima Product Management Imo Female
  65. N Ikpoko Data Analysis & Visualization Rivers Female
  66. N Yahaya Ibrahim Data Analysis & Visualization Kaduna Male
  67. O Antenyi Data Science Benue Female
  68. O Regina Product Management Benue Female
  69. O Sunday Cyber Security Delta Female
  70. O Oyewole Data Analysis & Visualization Oyo Male
  71. O Iyanda Data Analysis & Visualization Ekiti Male
  72. O Chinyere Cyber Security Rivers Female
  73. O Jose Animation Lagos Male
  74. O Oluwaferanmi Data Science Ondo Female
  75. P Akubo Animation Federal Capital Territory Male
  76. P Jegede Data Analysis & Visualization Oyo Female
  77. R Bassey Data Analysis & Visualization Cross River Female
  78. R Muhammad Chindo Product Management Kano Female
  79. R Bareyei Data Science Federal Capital Territory Female
  80. S Damina Hamid Software Development Bauchi Male
  81. S Abdulkarim Cyber Security Adamawa Female
  82. S Ochimana Product Management Kogi Male
  83. S Tata Cyber Security Kano Female
  84. S David Game Development Taraba Male
  85. S Aliyu Software Development Zamfara Male
  86. S Igila Data Science Nasarawa Male
  87. S Ahmad Bawuro Software Development Adamawa Female
  88. T Tejuoso Data Science Lagos Female
  89. T Aliu Ai/ml Lagos Male
  90. T Adenigbagbe Product Management Ondo Male
  91. T Adeyinka Product Management Federal Capital Territory Female
  92. T Akpagbue Data Science Edo Female
  93. U Muhammad Madaki Data Analysis & Visualization Gombe Male
  94. U Joseph Animation Akwa Ibom Male
  95. V Irokanulo Data Analysis & Visualization Plateau Female
  96. Y Hamza Data Science Jigawa Male
  97. Y Haruna Software Development Nasarawa Male
  98. Z Musa Software Development Taraba Male
  99. Z Nuraddeen Badaru Cyber Security Katsina Female
  100. Z Yusuf Ibrahim Data Analysis & Visualization Kano Female

Check full list of the 31,174 fellow applicant. Fellow COHORT 1
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