Melanie Perkins, 36yrs Makes Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in the World

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is an Australian billionaire and school dropout who is the CEO of Software Canva with a net worth of $3.6bn according to Forbes.

Melanie is named 89 on the Forbes 100 most powerful women in the world at age 36 and she is happily married.

Her Profile

Melanie is the cofounder and CEO of design software maker Canva, which was valued by private investors at $40 billion in September 2021.

The company, Canva was launched in 2013 by Perkins, now-husband Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams in Sydney, Australia, but was met by investor skepticism due to its location.

Like Obrecht, she owns an estimated 18% stake. The couple has pledged to transfer more than 80% of their stake to the Canva Foundation for charitable causes.

Defying the doubts, Canva has attracted 60 million monthly users to its freemium software, with 500,000 teams from companies like Intel and Zoom paying for it.

Canva’s software enables the creation of attractive visuals for menus, resumes and Instagram graphics.

Source of Wealth: Software, Self Made

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Education: Drop Out, University of Western Australia

Perkins learned kitesurfing in an effort to receive an investment from a group of kiteboard enthusiast venture capitalists, including angel investor Bill Tai.

If the whole thing was about building wealth, that would be the most uninspiring thing I could possibly imagine.

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