Npower Rebranded as Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme RHJCP – Betta Edu

Bett a Edu

Npower beneficiaries are being re-assured of their long awaited eight month allowances by the Tinubu-led government as the Dr Betta gave sigh of relief.

Npower is a National Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government which commenced in 2016. The program has been so helpful to many Nigerians, especially batch A and B, which received their full allowances till date, but stream 2 of batch c were luckily paid 3 months before the 2023 General Elections.

Npower batch C beneficiaries are the last set of the program, with pending payment of about eight or nine months of their allowances by the Buhari’s tenure, (2015 –  2023).

The Tinubu-led government under Betta Edu, of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian and Poverty Reduction has given hope of paying the pending allowances to beneficiaries, after thorough investigations. It was find out that there were some financial flaws in the payment process, which led to the delay of the allowances, hence the program was put at hold. 

Currently, the Npower program is being suspended pending when investigation is complete, and that will commence the recruitment of new beneficiaries under the Tinubu government.

Npower program is being rebranded as Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) by the Tinubu-APC led government under the Ministry of Humanitarian and Poverty Reduction, led by Dr. Betta Edu.

Betta Edu, the honourable minister in-charge of the programe has given sigh of relief to beneficiaries as she promised to pay the pending allowances and eventually commence new era of empowerment under the Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Job creation programme.

The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme, RHJCP is part of the agenda of the current administration to lift million of Nigerians out of poverty by creating job and innovative programme to young people and women.

After 100 days in office, the Tinubu government is yet to unveil an empowerment programme for young Nigerians for productive engagement.

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