Otto Nigeria Online Business Returns with Compensation Strategy, Launches Ubuy


Otto online business is back with new AI strategy as part of their compensation plan towards many Nigerians that lost their investment.

Otto Nigeria commenced around April 2023 and crashes October 2023, and it was reported as a ponzi scheme, which means it only pays early investors.

It was one of the best online business in 2023 as reported by some of the ardent members, Admins and City Managers that were behind the Ponzi Scheme and those who also benefited through the platform.

Otto planners have started inviting their old members through an sms to join their WhatsApp Group ahead of the launch of the new App that will be heralding the new year.

Be wise, as you bargain with Otto new strategies in the coming year.


How to Join Ubuy Platform
The new Otto app called Ubuy is user friendly and you can start with little investment as low as N3,000.

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